How To Be Smart Without Learning

 Being smart without having to study, is it possible? Doesn't that sound really strange?

Of course it's possible! There are many misunderstandings here. Whether it's about the meaning of being smart or learning. If studying is an activity of reading a book seriously while working on multi-sheet practice questions, then yes, you can be smart without having to do it.

This is both the key and the first step in all your efforts to be smart. It's trivial, but a lot of people, maybe your friends at college or school, forget about it. Not learning, but listening.

Hearing, is a skill that is rarely done right. Even though the effect is very powerful. Many people become successful just by listening.

Try to pay attention to psychologists, doctors, lawyers, to great politicians. They are all avid listeners. You can become one of them by developing good listening habits.

Actually it is not that simple. Good hearing means understanding. And this requires at least three things, focus, imagination and a strong memory. You have to practice it every day.

Focus on the explanation from your teacher or lecturer or your friend's presentation. Do not do anything, even actually taking notes when someone gives the material is not recommended.

Listen and understand, not just listen and keep it all as long as you can in your brain.

It's memorizing. Not memorizing, but understanding is the key. And it all starts with one simple activity, listening.

Create your own masterpiece and share it on social media. You learn about electromagnets? Why not make models for making magnets by induction or electromagnetism and then record them and share them on Facebook. Are you struggling with Pram's Bumi Manusia? Share interesting quotes in it on twitter.

With you creating work, you are actually more than just learning. You work. You practice with the knowledge you have.